Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory®-2 (MMPI-2)

Millon® Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-III (MCMI-III)

Millon® Adolescent Clinical Inventory (MACI®)

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test®-Third Edition (WIAT®-III)

16pf®Fifth Edition

Behavior Assessment System for Children, Third Edition (BASC-3)

Conners 3rd Edition

Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, Second Edition (Vineland™-II)

Differential Ability Scales® - II (DAS-II®)

Brown Attention-Deficit Disorder Scales® (BrownADDScales)

Gilliam Autism Rating Scale, Third Edition (GARS-3)

Autism Spectrum Rating Scales (ASRS™)

Devereux Scales of Mental Disorders (DSMD™)

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test - Second Edition (WIAT-II)

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV)

​Wechsler Memory Scale - Fourth Edition (WMS-IV)

​Woodcock-Johnson® Test of Achievement ( WJ IV-ACH)

Woodcock-Johnson® Test of Cognitive Ability (WJ IV-COG)

Gilliam Asperger's Disorder Scale (GADS)

Asperger Syndrome Diagnostic Scale (ASDS)

​Delis–Kaplan Executive Function System (D-KEFS)

​​Gray Oral Reading Tests: Third Edition (GORT-2)

The following is a comprehensive list, but not limited to, the psychological tests, batteries and rating scales provided at ACTS;

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Psychological Test List at ACTS

The following lists of psychological tests listed on this website can be changed, eliminated or upgraded at any time without notice.

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