Gary L. Lord, PhD

Dr. Gary Lord is an experienced licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in facilitating learning, good health and optimal effectiveness in individuals, couples/families, and organizational teams. The focus of his practice through the years has been on relationships, problems with intimacy and sexuality, and anything that prevents individuals (of all developmental ages), couples/families, and work teams from achieving healthy, effective, fulfilling lives. Dr. Lord’s most effective work has been with couples in helping them to get past their conflicts and obstacles hindering the fulfillment of a deep, rich, satisfying intimate love relationship.  Dr. Lord has also worked with the elderly facilitating their “successful aging”, doing retirement planning seminars and consulting with assisted living and nursing homes. He has worked as a school psychologist for many years with much satisfaction identifying the spectrum of difficulties that prevent children and adolescents from learning and achieving rich, fulfilling lives and relationships, as well as helping parents, teachers and school staff develop effective ways to improve these students’ learning and development. In addition to his clinical work, Gary has done executive coaching and consulting with businesses and organizations (e. g., person-position matching personnel assessments, security assessments, team building). Dr. Lord has also taught and conducted research at several Universities and colleges.

​​Dr. Lord hasalways been fascinated with the functioning of the brain! More recent research in neuroplasticity has demonstrated how our brains can adjust itself to compensate for problems in one area by rerouting neuropathways, “neurons that fire together, wire together.” (a quote from Change Your Brain Change Your Life) By helping individuals develop different habits of thinking and behaving,

using neurofeedback and Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques. We at Advanced Counseling and Testing Solutions, have demonstrated the ability to change neuropathways, facilitating better learning and more rich satisfying lives. I am also – continuously – excited about the integrated, interactive nature of our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical being – how we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” I get great satisfaction helping individuals realize their integrative capacity. For example;

Dr. Lord worked with individuals and done workshops on stress management using the Derogatis Integrative Model and Test of stress that involves the interaction of life events, personality mediators and emotional reactions. Research demonstrates a strong connection between stress and health/disease processes, so by identifying key sources of stress and providing effective ways to manage/minimize these clearly helps individuals led better quality lives. Another example of this interacting, integrative nature of our beings is the rich value of regular exercise. I have convinced many of my clients through the years that regular exercise (and meaningful satisfying activities and relationships) is the best anti-depressant on the market! The quality of our relationships also is closely related to our health and the quality of our lives. Perhaps the most satisfying experiences of my lengthy clinical practice has been helping couples and families remove the tensions and conflicts in their relationships and faith walks (i.e., relationship with our Lord). There are some very sound and powerful principles of healthy relationships in the Bible which I have regularly used with clients. I have seen couples and families communicate better, problem solve together, grow closer and more intimate with each other, and stronger in their faith walks.

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