I just want to write to let everyone out there know that everyone at ADVCTS is the real deal.  From the minute you walk into the door you are greeted with a smiling face.  The office is very nice and comfortable and the location is private and very easy to get to- right by the Lancaster Shopping Center off of Oregon Pike.  When I came here, my life was in shambles, but Dr. Lucas assured me I could make progress and be helped by changing my thinking.  From day one he told me that I no longer have to do this alone; he will help me now. Every word that Dr. Lucas said was true and he taught me skills that were essential to getting my life and mind on track.  Thank you so much for everything…

Alicia K.

For years I took my son's to another therapist in the area and for six years saw no results. My son's were at the point of losing hope that there was help for them. That is when I found Dr. Lucas and saw the difference in the confidence level of both my son's, in just one session, hope was restored. I decided I had to continue with Dr. Lucas. By the second session both of my son's were helping themselves with their individual issues, it was unbelievable. Dr. Lucas reached both of them in a way no one else has, I wish I could take back the wasted years I spent with other therapists but I know now they are in the right hands and will be ok. I would recommend Dr. Lucas to anyone. 

After years of trying to get a diagnosis for my daughter's issues and finding someone who actually understood her we found Dr. Joe. He was recommended to us by another medical professional. I must say that I was hesitant to start yet another relationship but I wanted to give it one more try. I was pleasantly surprised that he saw all the things that he did with my daughter and he was very sure that he could help us. Here we are today repairing all the years of lack of understanding her issues. She is dramatically changing before our eyes. I truly believe that one day she will be able to be on her own and a contributing member of our society because of Dr. Joe's understanding, patience, perseverance and commitment to healing the person he treats with the utmost of skill, compassion and unique services that he has to offer. Search no more, he can help you too 

​-Stacy Rodolff

I can honestly say that I was skeptical of therapy and counseling.  However, my son was struggling and suffering with OCD.  He was washing his hands until they bled and was a nervous wreck.  It was truly hearbreaking and I felt helpless. Dr. Joe Lucas was recommended by a local pediatrician here in Lancaster.  Our pediatrician is phenomenal and never steered us wrong in the past.  From the minute we met Dr. Lucas, my son’s outlook began to change, as he enjoyed talking to Dr. Lucas, even though he was nervous.  Dr. Lucas and my son went to work using CBT and after 10 sessions, all of his troubling symptoms were gone.  I must say Dr. Lucas truly is an expert in his field; not only did he have the skills, but the knowledge base that he shared with my husband and myself was excellent.  He explained the physiology and neuropsychology of OCD and what happens in the brain and our bodies.  Dr. Lucas then took the time to explain it to our son.  Not often can an “expert” explain things to and work with a 10 year old boy. Dr. Lucas is one of those few and for our family; our time with Advanced Counseling and Testing Solutions was a true blessing.

All my best to you all at ADVCTS- Maggie 5/2015

Testimonials From Our Clients 

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​I have worked with several different therapists over the years and I truly found a remarkable practice in Advanced Counseling and Testing Solutions.  I began working with Dr. Lucas in individual therapy.  I knew right away that he was serious about his job and helping me.  Over the course of treatment, I learned a ton of skills and gained a tremendous advocate in Dr. Lucas. He has changed my life outlook and my anxiety tremendously.  I joined a group run by Jordan and I also found her professionalism and knowledge base to match Dr. Lucas'. The staff at "ADVCTS" are kind and make scheduling a snap. I recommend ADVCTS to ANYONE that wants to actually be rid of anxiety and depression.

-David 5/2015

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