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Give our office a call today.....our friendly, kind and informative front desk staff in both Lancaster and Wyomissing, PA is here to help get you set up with a clinician that is best for you.  From the moment we answer your call, we are committed to ensuring that you and your family receive the best possible care in a warm, safe and caring environment.......ACTS is ready to help!

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Psychological Testing Services Reading PA

ACTS for Adults

At Advanced Counseling and Testing Solutions (ACTS), we offer individual counseling and family, marital/couples and group therapy as well as psychological testing, neurofeedback and cranial electrotherapy (Alpha-Stim).  Our seasoned clinicians are here to help, as our strong desire to help others shines through in how we treat our clients.  We provide services in Lancaster and Wyomissing, PA that has been proven to be effective.  We make it our mission to help you in every way possible; especially through our sound therapeutic techniques and developing relationships with those we serve in our surrounding communities.