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Our program is proven through peer-reviewed research

Cognitive Training as an addition to our Neurofeedback and Alpha Stim Treatments!  You can Now Treat and/or EXERCISE Your BRAIN

What is Brain Gym?

This cognitive training program targets 20 different cognitive skills using 2,000 different brain exercises. The MindPower Builder is appropriate for children (ages 6 and up), adolescents, and adults.

How does it work?

Following a 45-minute testing evaluation, we are able to create a customized training plan tailored specifically to a patient’s needs. This training is conducted in the office or can be customizable for you or your child to do in the comfort of your home with our cloud-based program! So training can be completed from home or right here at ACTS, or even a combination of both.

How long will it take?

Data suggests two hours of training per week for optimal results. Typically this training takes place over a three to six month period, depending on the severity of your weakness, injury or disorder.

There are a number of reasons why the computer is an ideal training partner for exercising the mind. The computer makes it easy for the trainer to customize training and to track progress. It not only provides a wide variety of different types of exercises, both visual and auditory but also automatically becomes more challenging as the client progresses. Clients will be continually directed to develop their cognitive skills to the maximum of their capabilities. The computer is also non-judgmental and never loses patience! And, perhaps best of all, clients associate computer “games” with fun.

Introducing Brain Gym at ACTS

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What Is Cognitive Training?
Just a few years ago, experts believed that the brain was like a sealed black box, and you were stuck with whatever nature gave you at birth. Now it has become evident that our brains can keep adapting and developing new abilities throughout our lifetime. Research has shown that systematic brain training with the help of a “brain coach” can potentially result in the improvement of a number of cognitive skills including attention, working memory, problem-solving abilities, reading and, in some cases, psychosocial functioning.

Cognitive training is utilized to improve attention and executive functions in disorders like ADHD.  The exercises are used as a tool to help achieve targeted therapeutic goals, such as enhancing self-esteem, training frustration tolerance, and developing problem-solving strategies. It can also be used with learning difficulties. The goal is to improve memory, attention, perception, reasoning, planning, judgment, general learning, and overall executive functioning. Some research has shown that developing these cognitive abilities can lead to improvements in self-awareness, self-confidence, and emotional stability.

ACTS Brain  Gym

Stay tuned for new additions to our BrainGym such as our Reading TNT program!  

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